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Installation and Training Support

Technical Staff Sound provides customers with unmatched consultation services, system design, troubleshooting, and training. Whether it is a permanent installation of an audio system for background music, to a full production facility for a house of worship; or a multi-entertainment lounge, we are dedicated to designing an audio system that is right for you. Every detail must be considered while in the design process, to include quality, usability and aesthetics. Technical Staff will create a sound system specifically for your environment as every space is different, and every application is unique. We will work together with you to achieve the most cost-effective solution, but yet maintaining quality and professionalism for your application.

In addition, TS Sound can offer system troubleshooting, upgrading, and/or training for an already-installed system. We will advise the customer with recommendations on how to achieve the best possible sound from the system. Should you like to learn more about your system, Technical Staff can offer training sessions from the basics, to as in-depth as you desire to go. We take the training to your location, allowing your staff members to train on the equipment and environment they will be working in. Every effort has been taken to ensure that we offer the best possible service. We maintain close association with a network of industry professionals, consultants, technicians and experts. Collaboration is the key that enables us to ensure that we provide our customers with the best possible solution for their unique application.

The single most important factor in an Installed Audio System is design. Intelligibility and clear tonal response is key to produce accurate vocal and musical reproduction. Many times, audio systems can create a loud reproduction of the source, but yet lacks intelligibility with harsh tonal qualities. An example would be muffled bass and ear piercing treble and mids. Technical Staff would present solutions to correct such problematic issues, while still maintaining volume. The end result would be tighter, punchier bass and smoother highs and mids with a more even frequency response.